Our goal is to bring back luxury furniture with the revival of craftsmanship. Everything is unique, bringing a profound touch of intrigue and emotion through the rich exotic wood and elaborate hand carving to every piece.


EdWynn Rose, Designer and Manufacturer presents select furniture, furnishings, and artwork. Harry Thompson, the creative driving force, has sought to create and specialize in unique one-of-a-kind pieces. Whether it is a 16th Century Period or complete museum-type room design, any dream project is possible.


Honey Mesquite
Texas Ebony
Plantation Teak
Monkey Pod
Red Wood
Purple Heart
Genuine Mahogany

ER Woods

We have one of the largest inventories of Ebony, Burls, and Mesquite woods in the USA. Whether it’s reclaimed from salvage, the jungles or the mountains, we are able to obtain some of the rarest legal species, control the kiln-drying and manufacturing to produce what no one else can.

Our Showroom at Pacific Coast Highway & MacArthur by Fashion Island in Corona Del Mar California USA showcases various select custom-designed pieces. We are constantly receiving new exclusive pieces and creations so there is always something new to see.

World Inspirations

We at EdWynn Rose exist to provide exquisite furnishings and décor created with the ideas and emotions from various cultures and significant events, connecting and culminating from the past centuries. We are inspired to provoke inspiration and creativity from the most minute detail in every piece.


Take a journey with us through different creative time periods of history and places from around the world. We believe history often serves as a basis for prophecy, and the history seen in our pieces serves a purpose for bringing the innovation of centuries past back to you.

Ancient Rome & Greek Influences

The ancient Greeks emphasized a style of home decor rooted in simplicity and inspired by the colors of nature. While the Romans were greatly influenced by the earlier Greek style, they added a touch of extravagance and detail to the austere Greek decor. To create a Greek or Roman-inspired style in your home, draw on natural materials and colors, and focus on creating a sense of balance and proportion in your living space.


Step into the world of classic beauty seen through the history of the Enlightenment by the Neoclassicism through this beautiful classical inspired era.


Our goal at EdWynn Rose is to be inspired and to inspire you. EdWynn Rose has been inspired from the spectacular ‘lost city of the Incas’ to the exploration of Africa and much more. From all Latitudes and Longitudes and great civilizations from the past to the present, EdWynn Rose creates works with a variety of stimulating influences.


We exist to bring the warmth of emotion that can come from the most fabulous and innovative moments of the 20th century. The excitement from the Roaring Twenties to the amusement of the Retro Golden Age.


We want to bring excitement back to your daily routine. We are inspired to bring the heart of adventure seen in the Wild West to the exploration of the great outdoors of the Great Frontier.

California Dreaming

Our first store is located in the charming town of Corona Del Mar in Newport Beach California. We are inspired to bring the radical vibes that have inspired many as well as the Coastal beauty with its natural elements.


Not everyone gets the chance to witness the beauty of our world’s rain forests up close and personal. The rare woods that we at Edwynn Rose use allow you to feel just how beautiful it can be through exotic wood. Even just looking at its unique grain patterns or surreal colors and textures, you are able to get an insight into the majestic wonders of Nature’s rain forest in the comfort of your home. Whether its reclaimed from salvage, the jungles, or the mountains of Latin America, we are able to obtain some of the rarest legal species, control the kiln drying and manufacturing to produce what no one else can.

Honey Mesquite - Mahogany - Texas Ebony - Teak - Monkey Pod - Red Wood - Cocobolo (Rosewood) - Purple Heart - Maple - Walnut


All of the expert carvers for Edwynn Rose are inspired by European trained Wood-Carvers, making every piece of the Edwynn Rose Collection represent the lost beauty of old world craftsmanship. EdWynn Rose creates designs from many influences from the beginning of Man. He continuously educates himself and his team of carvers for the most authentic, detailed and accurate work. The designs span from the myriads of history of antiquities throughout Europe’s classic periods including France and the cradle of the old world cultures.


The journey our wood takes to the Showroom and our clients is remarkable. We travel the world to find outstanding responsibly sourced wood - dredging the wood from lakes and rivers to negotiating with farmers to remove fallen trees. We are always searching for exotic non-endangered wood species to create remarkable products. We individually select each piece of wood. bringing the selected lumber back to our design and manufacturing shops where we look at the natural patterns to design a one of a kind creation. Our woods are brought by rail, truck, ship, and sometimes by plane depending on the piece and project. This is the journey our woods take to get to our Showroom in Corona Del Mar CA, USA.


Create and Design your Dream Pieces with Edwynn Rose.

We invite you into our wonderful world of décor for home and business. We would like to offer our services in a consultation to create your dream furnishings.

We’ll open our showrooms to show samples of our custom rooms, pieces, and photo galleries of commercial projects we are working on.

You can see what we offer and take the steps to set up an initial consultation. Then we will work with your team (architect or designer), home space, or business.

We will come to your home or business to create a signature piece. We also help create the pieces with your imagination, dreaming up your unique design that will last for generations. We do everything from commissioned pieces to custom 18-foot doors with your own family crest or monogram initials.