The Friesian Sea Pony

Live Edge Table made with Book-Matched Honey Mesquite wood
EdWynn Rose was inspired to create a furniture piece that represents the nature of California with all its authentic pacific ocean beauty, creativity and wonder.
This rare Mesquite medium sized table is book matched from the mesquite tree with unique dimensions and patterns. The Friesian Sea Pony is unified with its extraordinary custom created legs uniquely handcrafted from a hand carved wood figure of a majestic Seahorse then forged from the wooden mold into solid aluminum. Each Seahorse leg weighs 40 pounds.
The name of the piece "The Friesian Sea Pony” is inspired by the structure of the piece as a whole with its deep natural colors and large graceful body and majestic edges.
The Seahorse also derives stimulation from the regal Friesian horse breed known for their great presence and elegance.