EdWynn Rose Wood Species

We carry some of the highest grade and rare exotic woods in the world.


A rare and exotic, elegantly-grained beautiful very dense, close-grained durable hardwood that presents a luster of natural exquisite polish. Showcases stunning colors from deep, dark hues of dark chocolate browns, reds with at times tinges of wonderful purples.

Scientific Name: Ebenopsis ebano

Common Name(s): Texas Ebony (Pithocellobium flexicaule), Secondary Names: Ebony Blackbead, Ebano, Ebony Apes-Earring

The genus name is Greek for Black.

Native to Southwestern Texas and Mexico. Found in areas that get extremely dry & hot, it can form a 25-30 foot tall tree with a four feet trunk diameter. Texas Ebony might be considered one of the only “exotic” hardwoods that’s native to the USA.


Honey Mesquite

A beautiful treasured heavy and very strong, stable long lasting hard wood. The Pima Indians knew the tree as the “Tree of Life.” Not many other hardwoods offer mesquite's wide range of color and grains.

The basic color of natures amazing wood is brown, varying in a rainbow of tones ranging from light to deep dark browns, honey, caramels, lemon yellows, pinks, orange and reddish, purple, burgundy tinges. Exotic colors sometimes appear in marble like stunning grains and swirls and it takes a beautiful natural polish. Mesquite provides a beautiful, rich patina as it ages gracefully.

Honey Mesquite is a one-of-a-kind very durable exquisite hardwood. It is considered one of the the most dimensionally stable, strong hardwoods and has minimal shrinkage. Mesquite is prized for its exceptional stability. It exhibits very little movement or expansion and contraction due to environmental changes in humidity.

Scientific Name: Prosopis glandulosa

Common Name(s): Honey Mesquite, Secondary Names: Western Honey Mesquite, Velvet Mesquite, Texas Mesquite, Algarobo, Honey Pod, Honey Locust, Texas Ironwood, Western Honey Locust

The mesquite tree is a hardwood found in the Southwest United Sates and Mexico and grows predominately in both North and South America.


A very strong, alluring tropical hardwood tree sought after and valued for its outstanding durability and water resistance. Teaks tight grain makes it suitable for weather resistance. It is known to be resistant to termites and other insects.

The colors range from dark golden yellow, brownish, tan, reddish hues at times displaying figuring of streaks and stripes. It darkens regally as it ages and is exposed to air and the elements.

Scientific Name: Tectonic grandis

Common Name(s): Burmese Teak, Burma Teak, Rangoon Teak, Moulmein Teak, India Teak

Native to south and southeast Asia, but is naturalized and cultivated in many countries including Central and South America on Teak plantations.

WALNUT (Black)

This excellent species is one of Americas foremost durable woods for beautiful Cabinets, Furniture and many other items to enjoy. It is very a strong and stable wood that finishes beautifully, lends itself nicely for paints and stains and polishes exceptionally well. Walnut wood brings to view different individual figured grain patterns such as curl, crotch, and sometimes burl.

The Walnut has rich brown color colorations that can range from deep dark chocolate browns to lighter pale browns. Sometimes it can have purples, greys and reddish casts with darker brown streaks.

Scientific Name: Jugulars nigra

Common Name(s): American Walnut, Eastern Black Walnut, American Black Walnut, Gunwood

This popular, strong wood is found in the Eastern United States

MAHOGANY (Bigleaf)

This wonderful very durable wood is prized for its beauty, color and its phenomenal stability making it an enduring favorite wood that is treasured. Mahogany is coveted for fine furniture and fine Cabinets and displays a lovely reddish sheen when polished.

This wonderful rare wood combines color that can range in tones from “Mahogany” to red, pinkish pale browns, to darker reddish brown looks. The woods color tends to darken desirably with age with its natural luster. Mahogany also exhibits an optical phenomenon known as chatoyancy which is an optical reflectance where the wood shifts in colors based on how you view it.

Scientific Name: Swietenia macrophylla

Common Name(s): Genuine Mahogany, American Mahogany, True Mahogany, Caoba, Acajou, Honduras Mahogany, Big-Leaf Mahogany, Brazilian Mahogany

This lovely wood comes from Southern Mexico to central South America


A very durable hardwood that is used for the making of fine furnishings, cabinets, millwork and other furnishings.

Can present stunning dark walnut colors to dark chocolate browns which can turn light to golden brown with darker streaks.

Scientific Name: Samanea saman

Common Name(s): Raintree, Monkeypod, Dormilon, Algarrobo, Cenicero, Samaguare, Lara, Carabali, Huacamayo-chico

Native to southern Mexico (Yucatan Peninsula) and Guatemala southward to Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil.


Our stunning, responsibly-sourced exotic wood species are used to bring the perfect combination of grains, colors, and grandeur to each piece.

We procure our wood responsibly and have one of the largest inventories of Ebony, Burls, and Mesquite in the USA. If you need a solid source for your projects, we can help you with the supply required.