Engineered and Solid Hardwoods Floors

Edwynn Rose produces solid hardwood and engineered flooring with unique patterns and designs in stunning exotic wood species that are not readily available in the marketplace. We craft our exclusive hardwood flooring from regal exotic wood species including resilient Mesquite, dark Ebony, vibrant Teak and other wood species.

EdWynn Rose manufactures and sells hardwood flooring exclusively as opposed to laminate flooring which uses thin photographic imitation wood that’s glued on to wood or other materials.
Wood flooring consists of patterns found only in real hardwood grains, creating an authentic natural look. Hardwood surfaces are known for there ability to last a long time with proper maintenance, having been stained, sanded, and varnished to insure long term use.
EdWynn Rose manufactures and sells hardwood flooring exclusively as opposed to laminate flooring which uses thin photographic imitation wood that’s glued on to wood or other materials.
Wood is warm to the touch and acoustically quieter than other flooring options. The Wood color and character improves with age and fits well with architectural and design styles.

Engineered Hardwood Floors

Engineered wood flooring technology has exploded the past 20 years, and can be used just about anywhere, including places where you'd expect to find hardwood plank floors. In comparison to natural hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood floors are more stable to changes in humidity. They are engineered specifically to accommodate varying fluctuations in temperature and humidity that can affect traditional ¾” hardwood. This allows engineered floors to be installed in areas with specific climates that are not recommended for solid wood flooring, such as basements and other areas with higher humidity due to its ability to hold up better in moisture and heat resistance.

EdWynn Rose engineered hardwood floors are designed in three multi layers; constructed with a top layer of choice hardwood veneer attached by glue lamination to a stable core, usually plywood or high-density fiberboard (MDF) to present nearly any species of hardwood and is professionally sealed for water protection.
Most engineered hardwood flooring comes in 5/8” inch thickness and 3” 4” & 5”widths. Available in combinations of various widths and lengths. The finishing ranges from clear glossed, smooth, distressed, rustic, natural and completely unfished.

Solid Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors showcase unique looks with beautiful patterns found in one-of-a-kind wood grains. Hardwood floors are strong, durable and can add value as an investment.
Hardwood floors are to be enjoyed for many years and in some cases can be passed on for generations. Wood flooring ages gracefully and becomes more elegantly refined as the years pass. Hardwood solid floors require stable low relative humidity percentage environments for the best results.

Flooring Specifications & Info.

All flooring is Tongue & Groove
Wood Species & Styles / Patterns available:

Mesquite (Clear)
Mesquite (Rustic)

Ebony (Clear)
Ebony (Rustic)
Ebony (not stained)

Teak (Clear)
Teak (Colorful Sap)

Optional handmade inserts / patterns for Mesquite & Ebony Woods:

Pegs (Circles)
Multiples of Pegs, Squares & Diamonds
Custom design insert patterns available
Custom Patterns Available:
Cross Cut Interlocking
Basket Weave
Wood Species with additional wood species inserted and patterns
We can create something distinctive just for your project.


• Natural with oil
• Clear gloss
• Smooth
• Rustic
• Unfinished

Engineered Flooring:

o 3” – 4” – 5” Widths
o 5/8” thickness
o Standard lengths (sizes?)
o 3 Layers – Top: Hardwood, Middle (?) Bottom: Russian Baltic Birch or Plywood
o Sealed with Tite Bond 3 or National Casein PC2365
o Custom lengths & widths available
o Additional wood species are available periodically
o Burl woods for select custom projects

Solid Hardwood Flooring (Select Grade)

• 3” – 4” – 5” Widths • 1 ½ inch to ¾ inch thickness
• Standard lengths (sizes?)
• Custom lengths & widths available
• Custom lengths & widths available
• Additional wood species are available periodically
• Burl woods for select custom projects

Redwood Burl

Buckeye Burl

We do not do installations. Professional installers required.

We can provide you a list of possible professional installers to contact.

We can send you samples, and encourage architects and designers to contact us at 1-949-612-7690 for more details.

Please take the time to come into our showroom to get some great ideas of what can be done with your project.

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