Harnessing the natural elements of wood unleashes the creativity of EdWynn Rose to design never-before-seen remarkable pieces for your home.


Bed Set

Mesquite – Walnut Burl


The original bed was discovered in 1998 behind an old estate in Barcelona Spain, after the walls started to cave in and a secret walled-in bedroom was discovered that no one knew existed. It had been closed over by the estate’s original owner in the 1800 because of a broken heart. This gentleman and his beloved wife went horseback riding on their estate and she was killed in a freak accident. He bricked over their room immediately. Before he walled it off he left a love letter on the bed with a bouquet of roses.

The beautiful resilient Mesquite lumber hails from the mountains of Mexico from a tree around the same time period of our betrothed’s loss. EdWynn Rose selected each piece individually for this one-of- a-kind piece. The prominent head board, the foot board and parts of the marvelous canopy are made from rare American Walnut Burl which showcases amazing dark deep rich wood grains and unique patterns.

The foot board is adorned with one hundred percent pure Black Granite. The EdWynn Rose exclusive hand-carved signature edging around each piece of the entire bed set is inspired from a rare antique buffet made from the same time period in the 1800s. This inspired bed has been replicated from the original as closely as possible by world-class Artisans with one hundred percent Old World European hand-carved craftsmanship. Over 3,000 man hours of precise hand carving went into the creation of the Barcelona Bed set.



Mesquite – American Walnut- White Oak Intarsia- American Maple Burl

The Abruzzo is an Italian baroque table created from the Renaissance Era styled from the early 17th to the late 18 centuries. The hand carved table was made from old growth salvaged 100 years old Mesquite trees.

Along with Mesquite this table uses three other woods in various places in the wood: American Walnut with American Maple Burl in the border, White Oak Intarsia in the center, Walnut in the base, and Maple in the burl neck on the outside veneer.

The table comes with removable extension leaves made from 100% US Material from the finishing core structure to the wood on the veneer. The piece is fabricated and finished in Nicaragua. The bits are custom made as well. The removable leaves are able to be inserted by matching the number of stars on the bottom of the table to the same number of stars on the marked leaf that smoothly slides into the groove. The bits are custom made as well. Dimensions 30” Hx48” Wx96” L



Burl Mesquite

The Ioni Creek handmade rocking chair is sculpted from an original Greek design with the combination of beauty and utility, sensuous curves and a subtle walnut grain. This chair is made of Burl Mesquite with handcrafted ebony plugs. Found in Southwest United States and Mexico, this beautiful wood is incredibly heavy and hard. Honey Mesquite is a one of a kind hardwood that is considered the most dimensionally stable wood. It has minimal shrinkage and its colors range from light brown to deep, reddish brown. The IONI CREEK is a one of a kind collector piece, adding lasting value and comfort to every home.




The Wyatt is a mesquite replica of an 1800’s western antique in the United States. It is a one of a kind table has two extending leaves. This table is accompanied but not included with beautifully crafted chairs each sold separately. The chair itself is called The McMaster Chair. All together it is a one of a kind extraordinary table set.


Early 1900’s turn of the Century designer Art Deco chair. The seat bottom is a designer washboard pattern hand carved pattern.


Live Edge Coffee Table


The Riverbed Live Edge Table is made out of salvaged Mesquite wood from the bottom of the Mexican River. The wood for this piece has an interesting story behind it given the wood itself is over 400 years old. The Mesquite lumber was collected back in the 1600’s, when a Spaniard and a young Jewish man partnered together in order to pull the logs up from the bottom.


Live Edge Coffee Table

Honey Mesquite

The Pacific Rose is a one of a kind large Live Edge Table that is book matched with a natural hand rub oil wax finish. This Honey Mesquite is from old virgin growth lumber only found in the Southwestern region of North America. The wood darkens with age and tends to be thin and found only in small sizes or in large irregular slabs. Today, one simply does not see a piece this grand in size that is clear and free from defects.

The Pacific Rose is profound in every which way, stemming from the large tree it was cut from to the beautiful honey mesquite species it is prized from due to its exceptional stability in its movement. There are butterflies put into the piece for a decorative inlay and for increased stabilization to maintain the integrity of the table for years to come. This piece has incredible character due to its natural dark swirling, bringing out creation’s natural beauty to any room. It is offset with modern chrome legs, creating an exquisite piece to add to your home. The Pacific Rose is hand leveled and waxed to perfection.



Honey Mesquite

The Friesian Sea Pony is a medium sized live edge mesquite table from the forests of Mexico. This unique table is book matched with a rare seen dimension in its pattern. The Friesian Sea Pony is noted for its never before created legs, bringing the ocean and all its wonder. This is a California Collection piece. The Mesquite book-matched medium sized lived edge table is unified with custom sea horse legs made out of aluminum that are uniquely casted.



Rosewood- Texas Ebony- Purple Heart-Maple- Mesquite

The Signature Eden Collection Vases are inspired from the enchanting rainforests around the world with its vibrant forests. The inspiration is seen in the array of diverse woods used in this Signature Eden Piece. There are five different woods from all around the world. Beautiful Rosewood also known as Cocobola from ----- , Texas Ebony from the Yucatan Peninsula , Purple Heart wood from Brazil, the light white Maple wood is from the forests of North America, and the rich brown color wood is authentic rare Mesquite from Mexico. These Signature Eden Collection Vases are one of a kind designed, perfectly matched set segmented vase.



Mahogany – Walnut Stain

The Seafarer is an English replicated antique dresser made of genuine mahogany with a Walnut stain. The heads are from an English antique representing the seafarer of the day.




The Valentina, a hand-painted piece, is made out of genuine mahogany. It is made in Nicaragua and finished in the United States. The Valentina comes as a two-piece set inspired from a 16th century antique piece made out of mahogany.



Mahogany- Red Mahogany Stain

Voir Les Anges is a one of a kind French Louie XV influenced piece. The original created piece featured fish and gargoyles all over, which was very popular during the time period. EdWynn Rose recreated it with Cherub angels for a majestic look that is still seen in the same time period. The stain on both pieces is a rich red mahogany.



Mesquite - Granite Top

The Capetian Table is a replica of a 19th Century French Empire antique. This foyer and library table is exquisitely handcrafted as a turn of the century piece. It is a perfect piece to accompany any room.




This mesquite bar stool is a replica of a circa 1850 English Barber Chair. The legs are extended to accommodate design standards. Everything from the casting, the leather, and the scooped seat, is in its entirety 100 percent hand tooled and finished. This bar stool is an exact replica from cast iron forging to the hand carved seat bottoms. The wood used is from a 100-year-old Mesquite tree and has about 600 hours of making invested into this piece.

The middle of the chair has been extended and 4 inches have been added to the legs for height. The reasoning for this was due to the fact that people back in the day were smaller. The seat was widened 3 inches. The back is exactly the same, but is now spring loaded for comfort.



Mesquite - Granite Top

The King George Table is a museum piece library table inspired from an antique from the Regency period. The Regent in his youth represented the world of glamorous elegance, extravagant follies and romantic liaisons. The King George table is made from an old English antique in the 19th Century that is made from salvaged old growth mesquite. Over a month was invested with multiple carvers and carpenters to create this piece.


Poker Table

Genuine Mahogany – Rose Wood

This inspired poker table is made out of genuine mahogany with the outlining in rose wood.This poker table came out of an early lumber bearing estate. It was in quite a few pieces when he found it.The very bottom of the piece was missing when he found it. EdWynn added an edge to exaggerate the character of the piece. This edging style was inspired from a cast iron piece from the late 1800’s. This edging is the first of its kind to be hand carved into any type of wood, and it is also the first of its kind to be made with genuine mahogany with the original table being made out of walnut.


Louis the XV Table

Genuine Mahagony – Granite

The Eliza is an elegant, French Louis XV style table featuring a marble top and a hand-carved cerused wood base. Long, cabriole legs stretcher centering a carved foliate ornament. The table apron has a shell motif on all corners and center with a delicate floral background.

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