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Natural & Live Edge Tables - Conference Tables and Custom Creations
For over twenty years we have traveled the world to find spectacular and outstanding responsibly sourced woods. We have dredged woods from lakes and rivers to negotiating with farmers to remove fallen trees. We are always searching for exotic non-endangered wood species with beautiful grains and figure to create remarkable Slab tables and Slab related products. We individually select each piece of wood. bringing the selected lumber back to our design and manufacturing shops where we look at the natural patterns to design a one of a kind creation. Our woods are brought by rail, truck, ship, and sometimes by plane depending on the piece and project. We have a niche for discovering woods with unique grain patterns, surreal colors and textures, capturing the majestic wonders of nature for you to truly enjoy.

We have worked hard locating incredibly rare and unique logs. Whether its reclaimed from salvage, the jungles, or mountains in different parts of the world, we are able to obtain some of the rarest legal species, control the kiln drying and manufacturing to produce something extraordinary. We have salvaged prized woods from the bottom of Rivers. We have networked with loggers and other professional individuals and locals to locate distinct lumber that we procure then create natural stunning natural or live edges pieces including rare massive Book Matched Slabs. Our frequent expeditions and trips locating wood species allows us to uniquely present hard to get woods in various sizes including huge widths and lengths. We have found slabs that are very rare and not that available to the public that are grand in size and clear and free from defects.
Some woods species available:
Monkey Pod Slabs
Mesquite Slabs
Ebony Slabs
Teak Slabs
Cocobolo Slabs
Redwood Slabs
American Walnut
Various other wood species are Here

We make your creation with tender loving care by our skilled craftsman. Depending on the item we are crafting, we sometimes create butterflies and other designs that are put into the piece for a decorative inlay and for increased stabilization to maintain the integrity of the table for years to come. We apply by hand an ample amount of natural oil hand rubbed thoroughly into each unique slab that enhances each individual piece of wood bringing out the natural swirling grains, dimensions and patterns that brings beauty to any room. Your discerning item is then completed with a natural wax finish.

You can be assured we produce work with the finest materials and superior craftsmanship.
Please call to set up an appointment at our warehouse to see some unique slabs.
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For special orders to help with unique sizes, wood species, lengths, thicknesses and to create something custom for you please contact us @ 1800.875.7464, email: for special request and inquiries.